Welcome to ASAP. The Agile Scrum Advanced Planning. With ASAP the professional can manage all of its projects. ASAP is based on the 'new way' of work. Each employee can start with login the whereabouts.


ASAP works with major browsers on all platforms. We recommend Mozilla Firefox.

ASAP works on Windows, Linux, iOs, and Android. It has been tested on PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone.

Each browser on a platform starts a session. Each session can have multiple tabs in the browser. Each session is assigned to an user.

Active languages


Each user is assigned a role. The roles are admin, owner, master, assistant, member and user. The role defines if the user sees a tile or not.

The role also authorizes the user to add, modify, deactivate or modify the entities.

You can login with username johndoeen@dis2000.nl password johndoeen.

Active users


ASAP works with MySQL InnoDB database. InnoDB maintains referential integrity database. Refer keys are included where possible. Modification of the database takes place under transactions.
Rows are active or inactive, characterized by an open or a lock icon. Each row records the modification date, time and user.

Active countries


ASAP handles projects worldwide. Team members can be in any country of the world. Meetings are adjusted to the timezone of the member.

Initially ASAP comes with the major trade languages. Other languages like russian, chinese, turkish, greek and so on are in development.

We consider english to be the worldwide standard. Please write your texts in english. Select fields are translated to the locale language if specified.

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